Child's Harry Potter, Weasley Sweater!

First of all, I am IN LOVE with the way this turned out! It's an adorable little sweater and it only took about 8 hours total to make!

Great gift idea for Christmas! I've made several of these top-down raglans as gifts and they fit kids from 6 months all the way to 2 years if you make the arms long enough. Just roll 'em up while they're too long, then let them down as the child grows!

Anyway, on with the info on this sweater...

So, the first sweater that I posted as a Harry Potter Sweater HERE was crocheted. Way back when I didn't know how to knit yet!

This one is knitted. This pattern is fantastic! It is a top-down raglan sweater which means there are no seams to sew up and it's all knitted in the round, so no purling!!

HERE is the pattern that I followed, with a few changes.

I only did 4 rows of ribbing for the neck, bottom, and cuffs. I didn't want a turtleneck, but I did want just a touch of ribbing and that worked out really well!

I did not add the additional 3 stitches indicated for the underarms, which gave me only 100 stitches when the sleeves were removed from the needles.

If you've never made a top-down raglan before, it can be a little confusing. Here are a few pictures of the process that will hopefully clear up some of your questions!

This is what the raglan sleeve looks like as you do the increases.

Here are the sleeves slipped onto holder string while the body is left on the needles to continue knitting.

This is the body finished with the sleeves waiting to be stitched. If you bind the sleeves off at the step where you normally place them on the holder, this makes a really cute girls cap-sleeve shirt!

No seams, finished sweater! Didn't the raglan increases turn out well!

After finishing the sweater I did a duplicate stitch for the initial. I found a great site HERE that has charts for all sorts of fonts for the initial!

If you don't know how to duplicate stitch, this is a great video!

Duplicate stitch all finished!

Weave in all the ends and you've got yourself a Weasley Sweater!

You could do the same thing with a top-down raglan pattern for an adult sweater too... Happy Crafting!


vivcon said...

Which font did you use? I'm about to have this made for my newborn namesake!
Thanks for the post.

Victoria said...

Hi Vivcon :-)

Congratulations on your new baby! I used Times New Roman here -

Worked out perfectly! He's actually been able to wear it for 2 winters now! This is such a great pattern as you can make the sleeves a little long and roll them up/down as needed for several years!

Good luck with the pattern and thanks for stopping by!

L said...

And he still wears it!! He loves his super cool Aunt Vic!! :) One of the best gifts!

Victoria said...

And he's so very cute in it!! :-)

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