Harry Potter Sweater and Pattern

For Christmas this year I decided to make my two younger brothers a Harry Potter inspired Weasley sweater. Instead of a W for Weasley I decided to put an M for Moore.

I had never tried color changing with crochet before, and it was a bit tricky, but it worked out really well in the end. I'll talk more about that a little later.

I used this pattern that I found online. It has a really great ribbing technique that turned out amazingly well. After finding the pattern, I used a piece of graph paper to chart out the big M for the middle.

Just recently I found a really great website that will chart an image for you at a 1 square to 1 stitch ratio... it's pretty awesome. knitPro is a great way to chart your pattern without much effort.

The yarn that I used felt very soft when I picked it out... buuuuut, it wasn't for the final product. One yarn that I have fallen in love with is I Love This Cotton yarn brand. It comes in many colors, is available at most hobby and craft stores and is lightweight and very comfortable when crocheted or knitting into a final product.

Anyway, I mentioned changing colors earlier so here is the technique I used with the double crochet stitch for the pattern.

It took about 18 hours per sweater for the entire process, including sewing it together, which I did with a whip stitch on the backloop of each stitch while the pieces were facing each other right side to right side.

All in all I think the sweaters turned out really well, especially for a first attempt! Next time (and yes, I'm sure there will be a next time) I will use the I love this cotton yarn for an even better result!

If you use this pattern to make your own Harry Potter inspired sweater send me a picture here and I will post it! :-)

Happy crafting!

Sneak peek... Portrait Crocheting!

My friend Lee over at got me interested in the idea with her amazing creations shown above. So I have started my first attempt! Which I will show you soon...


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the funky link ^__^!
I can't wait to see Audrey -_^!
Lee xox

david and amanda said...

Way cool! They look really good!

Victoria said...

Thanks Amanda! :-)

SimplySomeStuff said...

This is great I really wanted to make one for my niece and myself =P but just so you know Molly crocheted the first initial of everyone's FIRST name into there sweater Harry and an H, Ron had an R etc I think this was so she could tell Fred and George easily apart lol just a theory though. Great job! Excited to try thi =]

SimplySomeStuff said...

OMG I didn't see how old this was haha sorry for commenting on it.

Victoria said...

I'm glad you're going to try it! I know, I know... it's really the first initial... but I just liked the idea of the "M" :-)

I have another one that I made this year that is the first initial, you should check it out here... (

Have fun!

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