Steampunk Hardware Organizer

You guys are so lucky! You get to see all the Christmas presents early ;-)

I found this really cool lazy susan organizer at Pottery Barn and thought it would be great for organizing screws, nuts, bolts, etc... But it wasn't really the perfect match for the decor of the house it's going to live in after Christmas.

So naturally, I steampunked it.

Here is the original... it is now sold out at Pottery Barn stores.

I happened to find this one at the outlet store in perfect condition.

Don't get me wrong, it's pretty cute, but I just thought it could be quite a bit better. Also, one of the things that bugged me was that the only compartment on this 12 compartment organizer that was actually a drawer is the very bottom one!

I didn't like the idea of someone pulling on all the knobs only to find that it wasn't an actual drawer!

So first thing I did was remove all of the white knobs.

I grabbed some metallic spray paint in a bronze tone and sprayed the heck out of enough knobs to go back on the actual drawers.

For the rest of the compartments I found these really great clips from Tim Holtz.

I used some J.B. Weld to attach them to the wood. I had to get a little creative to keep them in place as they dried though. It took about 8 hours for the "glue" to stick; the use of a little brown box take came in handy to keep them still for the drying time!

I elected not to fill in the holes since I was going to cover them with some really cool paper that I found.

Really wanting a place for the soon-to-be owner to be able to write what was in each space, I was hoping to have little chalkboards at each space.

I couldn't really find what I wanted and was beginning to lose hope... what I found these!

Chalkboard paper!!

I cut them in half and clipped them on the organizer. You can actually use chalk on these and it erases really well!

Here is the finished product... I loooooove the way this turned out!

See you guys soon for more from Santa's Workshop :-)


Abigail said...

That is an awesome upcycle. The clips you added are much more useful than knobs!

Victoria said...

Thanks! I thought so too :-)

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