Update: Thanksgiving Cookies!

So I finally got a chance to make these cute little cookies!

The original recipe is HERE, but I had to make a few changes.

I ended up making my own top pieces since my mom is allergic to peanuts and that ruled out the original toppers.

I made a caramel center from the recipe HERE, but I only boiled it to 230 degrees instead of the 244 listed. As a result it stayed more like a filling instead of a hard caramel, so it was perfect!

Grabbing from my stash of candy molds, I used the cherry cordial molds, coating the inside with dark chocolate. Let the chocolate harden completely before adding the caramel. I used a teaspoon to drop in the caramel and then covered is right away with more chocolate.

They turned out really well. A little note on these, when you're popping them out of the mold, DON'T SQUEEZE THE SIDES!!! Several of mine broke because I wasn't being careful!

Sadly I couldn't find any gluten-free cookies for the bottoms and I ran out of time to make them. So I used OREO Fudge Covered Cookies instead.

Here they are with both pieces together...

And now with a little finishing touch!

Too cute by half and even easier if you don't have to make your pieces from scratch!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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