Makin' Fabric

So you may remember that I got a loom... oh... 2 years ago, and I'm just now getting to it! Click HERE to see the original post.

Well, I took the plunge and decided to give this a try. Terrified at first, I just tried a small 2" section of cloth in a plain weave to see how the process of threading the loom worked.

Here are those results...

Now, many people would probably just try a slightly bigger section and then work their way up to a larger project. But that's not really how I like to play.

I found this really great weaving book at the local library and decided to try one of the patterns.

Find it on HERE!

I chose the pattern on page 204 at the bottom (it doesn't have a name)

I warped the loom with a 5 yard warp that is 25 inches wide!

Number of ends (individual threads) - 400
Hours to thread the loom - 12
Total finished width - 23 inches
Total finished length - 4 yards (yes, there is a whole yard of waste :-( )

And here is the beautiful work in progress!

I'm in LOVE with weaving! I grabbed my mom and showed her the work. Her response was "well, you have wanted a loom since you were 8!" :-)

What do you think?