Table Runner


I just took the table runner down from my blocking board and here it is on my side table!

I got a wild hair to make this really cute table runner that I found on Ravelry (I spend waaaaay too much time there!).

Here is the pattern!

I ended up not being able to find the color in the original pattern, which I liked alot, but I did find the brand in a different color and stayed with that! It is going to be a Christmas gift so I thought the more neutral cream would be better than the gray.

The finished product before blocking is actually tiny, but it stretches tremendously!

Here it is in the process of being blocked... I'll let it dry over night and then wrap it up for Christmas!

Here's a close up of the pattern. Cute huh?

Total time to make this project was about 5 hours. Not too bad!

Let me know how it comes out for you! Happy Crafting!


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