Candy Corn Update

Well, it took me a little longer to find time to test this recipe, but I was able to do it before Halloween!

I LOVED the results! I'm a huge fan of candy corn in general, but I'm pretty much the only one in my family.

However, even those who detest store bought candy corn loved this recipe! I give this two thumbs up for results... But, I'll tell you know, the process was tedious.

Get the recipe here.

Some changes that I made to the recipe:
1. I did use raw agave which caused the "white" color to be more of cream color.

2. Being allergic to corn products, I had to make my own powdered sugar, since store bought has cornstarch as the second ingredient. This is very simple to make though! Take white sugar, place in blender (I use a coffee grinder that is dedicated to non-coffee items). That's it!

3. Instead of the 1/3 cup of cornstarch called for in the original recipe, I used two heaping teaspoons of arrowroot powder. You can usually find this at a grocery store with a large organic or natural food section.


This is what the mix looks like after the boiling and mixing together of wet and dry ingredients.

The recipe said to allow the mix to cool for 20 minutes before working, but this was setting up too fast to wait and I started working it right away and adding the different dye colors.
It is VERY hot!

Because of the darker color from the raw agave, I had to change the colors up a bit. Here it is ready for cutting... kinda looks like bacon!

The cutting begins!

Have at least one helper to assist with getting this done quickly. I was only half way through the "dough" before it hardened enough that I could not form the ropes but had to settle for candy corn "drops" instead!

The dough was fairly greasy from all the butter, so I placed the finished product on a cookie sheet covered in paper towels. It worked really well and soaked up all the extra butter!

Even my husband who hates store bought candy corn couldn't keep his hands off of these delicious morsels!

Let me know how they turn out for you!


Allie B said...

Awesome job! They look great, and I will be making a batch next Halloween :)

Tracy said...

Yours came out lovely!! Wish I could reach into that jar and snag a piece! ;-)

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