Just in time for the 4th

One of the many things I'm making for friends and family this year for Christmas was an American flag afghan (which is sooooo soft, I love it!)

This little beauty only took about 10 hours total and the finished size is 6ft by 4ft. The pattern is one that I made myself and is not really anything special in and of itself, but I wanted a little variation to give the strips some depth.

Rows 1-2: DC across all stitches
Rows 3-5: SC across all stitches
Rows 6-7: DC across all stitches
Change colors and repeat rows 1-7

For the stars I followed a pattern that I found online and then sewed them on top of the blue with a quick whip stitch. I can't find the pattern for the stars again, but it was so easy that I still remember it.

Stars -
Row 1: ch 3. 9 dc in 3rd ch from hook, join round with a slip stitch.
Row 2: ch 5. Slip stitch in first ch from hook, SC in next ch, HDC in next chain, DC in next ch. Skip 1 DC and slip stitch in next.
Repeat row 2 until all 5 points are created.

Like I said, this was a very quick and fun project and I would highly recommend making your own this year! Happy early 4th of July to all! :-D


Vera @ Cozy Little Cabin said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Nicely done! I'll take one, please! :)

Anonymous said...

You weren't wrong when you said you have been busy!!!
This is incredible Victoria!!
The stars are perfect and my god that's a huge flag lol
Happy 4th July!

Amanda @ DAES of Our Lives said...

This is fabulous! I love it! Great job!!

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