A few months ago I found a new hobby... I'm beginning to think that my real hobby is collecting hobbies! :-)

Anyway, I went to the only fiber arts shop I could find anywhere near me which happened to be Yarnorama in Paige Texas. They have SO MUCH for spinning and weaving! It was so much fun.

I grabbed a pound of Cotton fibers and Bamboo fibers. I also purchased my first drop spindle. Total amount spent was only about $30! So I got the spindle home and after about 30 minutes of video instruction thanks to YouTube starting spinning my own yarn!

I have about 10 yards so far of the white cotton and the same for the purple bamboo. So pretty! I can't wait to have enough to knit something. I think I'll get back to it now...

Sneak peek...

Super geeky Harry Potter sweaters coming soon!


Anonymous said...

If only I lived just down the street, I would totally invite myself over to learn how to spin -_^! I remember being on a spinning wheel once...well using one..wasn't actually on it myself...that would be ouch...
But it was so much fun!

And those sweaters = friggin fantastic!!!
Lee xox

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