Update on the Molly Weasley Sweater

Hey all!

I have an update on the Molly Weasley Sweater! Here are the finished sleeves!!

Currently they are just pinned to a regular shirt, but I have started making the sweater part and am almost done with the first half of the front! I'm making it in the dark purple color that you see in the sleeves. The original one is pink, but mom wanted purple so that she could wear it all the time instead of just to the movie!

Anyway, that's all the update I have for now. :-)

Happy Crafting!!


3hreex5ive said...

Aren't you clever!!! They look fabulous!!
I reckon we'd draw quite a crowd at the next film if I brought my blanket, your Mum as Mrs,. Weasley, your brothers in their jumpers...
What would you wear?!?! lol
Lee xox

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